El Yeso

[  Tuesday  &  Thursday  ]

Duration:      Full day     (7:00 AM  -  7:30 PM)

Location:       Cajón del Maipo.

Mode of transport:    Bike (and Hiking)

Route:              Embalse El Yeso - Termas del Plomo

Attractions:    Hot Springs, Reservoir, Mountains, Rivers,  

                         Lakes, Glaciers in the distance.

Includes:         Transport from and to Santiago + bicycle equipment + snack

Difficulty from 1-10:  5 (no technical knowledge required)

Not included:  other meals

Restrictions:    4 person min. (See terms and conditions. Minimum age 12. Ages 12-16 must be accompanied by an adult)


Consists in:

Trip details
We will meet at the Santa Ana Metro station (downtown Santiago) at 7.30 am, and from there we’ll travel to the town of San Gabriel, in the Cajon Del Maipo area. From San Gabriel we will take the route going north to El Yaso reservoir, where we will pick up our bikes. Here, in the heart of the Cordillera (the Andes), we will cycle along the entire edge of the reservoir, before following the beautiful mountain valley until we get to the Plomo Hot Springs, which is a trip of 20 kms of stunning views.
At the Plomo Hot Springs, we will enjoy the nature with your choice of wine, beer or juice accompaniment, before we take advantage of the beautiful thermal pools, which are naturally at about 40C. Also an option is walking just 1 kilometre to a little mountain lake called Laguna De Los Patos.
The return journey is the same, and we will arrive back in Santiago centre at around 8pm.

What you will need:

The route is pretty straightforward – it has a few steep slopes that are hike-able, but nothing that a relatively active person who knows how to ride a bike can’t handle. You’ll need to wear light clothes, as well as carrying something a little warmer. It can be very hot or very cold, depending on the wind, the altitude, the season and the weather. Obviously sunglasses if it’s bright, and skin protection, and definitely bathing suits if you want to try the hot springs.


See more:  Activity details      

Price:      55.000 CLP 
25% OFF  
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