Chilencleta is a part of Kashkenke Spa. It was born out of the idea of contributing to the tourism industry of the country, but by offering interesting expeditions and adventure trails that don’t require a lot of technical knowhow. To this end, we are only interested in using the country’s, and the world’s most popular mode of transport: the bike.
We know that by using the bike you can get a much closer and more real experience of the beautiful nature that surrounds this city. By getting out there even with only a little physical effort, you get to create experiences and memories that stay with you for longer.
We at Chilencleta, most of all, want these experiences to be easy-going and friendly, and in good spirit. We hope we can provide you with a unique experience that you will be able to share with friends and family

Documents of Interest

  • Decreto 222 Ministerio de Economía, Fomento y Turismo . (... Sistema de Clasificación, Calidad y Seguridad de los prestadores de servicios Turísticos.

  • Normas Chilenas Turismo Aventura.

Contact us


Simón Díaz

Fundador & CEO

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Alexander Von Frey

Inversionista y Concejero

.... .... ....

Manuel Henríquez

Director de Publicidad






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Santiago de Chile y sus alrededores

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